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  1. Life in the New Era
  2. Vision and Voyages for Planetary Science in the Decade 2013-2022
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  4. Visions of Earth Beyond by Ruth Magan - Read Online

Better Late Than Never John McLaughlin. Hidden categories: Articles with short description Articles with hAudio microformats Articles with album ratings that need to be turned into prose All stub articles. Namespaces Article Talk. Views Read Edit View history. By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. Apocalypse Visions of The Emerald Beyond Inner Worlds Christgau's Record Guide.

Spiritually highly evolved beings, living in higher dimensions or on other planets and knowing what would come to pass, were now trying to warn humanity. They did this by appearing in their spacecraft and communicating with human beings by paranormal means.

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Those who followed their teachings would be picked up by flying saucers and brought into safety. Following the apocalyptic period, they would become the pioneers of a new civilization that would be built on the ruins of the old. A New Age of peace and prosperity would begin, in which humanity would live according to the universal spiritual laws of the universe.

In many ways, the kaleidoscopic and syncretic nature of this movement is remarkably similar to what we will encounter in the contemporary phenomenon, most notably in three senses. Firstly, the centrality of the expectation of an apocalyptic event leading to changes on a massive scale, an event moreover that is often considered to be part of a trans-historical and cosmic evolutionary blueprint. Before moving on to the actual emergence of the year in an apocalyptic sense in the next chapter, a brief note on the subsequent developments in the New Age movement is in order.

The mood of the New Age in a restricted sense , as Hanegraaff calls this phase. That is not to say that there was a decrease in the level of suspicion towards mainstream Western culture, only that what seemed to happen was a rethinking of the means by which a much needed attitudinal change could be brought about. It is in this context that various New Age communities, such as the still existing Findhorn Community were set up. But this hypothesis I will have to demonstrate through a historical sketch of the development of this phenomenon.

The interaction between these authors and their ideas together constitute to a large degree the esoteric and millennial framework in which most of the contemporary speculation has developed. Yet the patterns of their use, which were unique to the Amazon jungles, had not been fully studied[34]. Both of us felt our excitement rising as we became convinced that somehow the world was now radically, fundamentally different[37]. This is it. There is no more. Within a few hours, the superstructure of earthbound, human civilization is going to collapse and your species will depart.

First you will go to Jupiter and then to Alpha in Sagittarius.

Life in the New Era

A day of high adventure dawns at last for the human beings[39]. Passages like these illustrate the extent to which the brothers McKenna believed they had personally been responsible for bringing about the millennium. Of course, and perhaps disappointingly so, the world had not changed substantially after their experiment, and the subsequent days and weeks things slowly started to move back to normal.

In , some four years after the experiment in the Amazon, Dennis and Terence published The Invisible Landscape , in which an attempt is made to present the ideas and visions gained through their visionary experiences in a coherent philosophical and mathematical theory.

Vision and Voyages for Planetary Science in the Decade 2013-2022

The timewave seems to give a best fit configuration with the historical data when the assumption is made that the maximum ingression of novelty, or the end of the wave , will occur on December 22, This is how the experiences of had crystallized twenty-two years later, but we need to take a step back to understand how McKenna arrived at these conclusions.

This notwithstanding, it is possible to trace the first mention of the year in an esoteric millennial context to the first edition of The Invisible Landscape. My meeting with Terence McKenna, author of the intriguing Invisible Landscape , contributed greatly to [my] understanding of the Mayan Factor, for he, too, by working at the I Ching had been drawn into things Mayan. In the first edition of The Invisible Landscape , as mentioned above, the year already features as end-date, but no mention is made of its occurrence in a Mayan prophecy. This is possible, but as it did not feature in the original edition of the book, the implication is that The Invisible Landscape is indeed the first source for an esoteric eschatology in which the year plays an essential role.

In , when a new edition[48] of The Invisible Landscape was published, Terence corroborates this idea. According to him, they first arrived at the end-date:. Strangely enough this [ What is it that gives both a twentieth-century individual and an ancient Meso-American civilization the same date upon which to peg the transformation of the world?

Is it that both used psychedelic mushrooms? Could the answer be so simple? Rather, I suspect that when we inspect the structure of our own deep unconscious we will make the unexpected discovery that we are ordered on the same principle as the larger universe in which we arose. This notion, surprising at first, quickly comes to be seen as obvious, natural, and inevitable[50]. McKenna was convinced that the amazing parallelism between his own Eschaton Wave and an ancient Mayan calendar, in that they both point to the significance of , should be attributed to its being programmed into our unconscious and accessed through psychedelic or shamanic experience.

In this theory the awareness of the apocalypse of is already potentially present in our genetic and spiritual heritage.

This notion of being the fulfillment of a pre-programmed evolutionary path has become widespread in contemporary speculation, as we will see. However imaginative this scenario may be, in trying to systematically trace the development of an apocalyptic mythology around the year it makes more sense to look at the level of strategic literary rhetoric. At this point in my story, I need to make a short excursion and a step backwards in time as well in order to ascertain how a gradual development of a mythology built around has taken place throughout the 20th century. It is hardly surprising then that it is indeed in the context of alternative archaeological research into the time measurement systems of the Mayan of the Classical period which is usually considered to have lasted from circa C.

Ever since the ruins of an ancient Mayan city have been re discovered in in what is now Palenque, Mexico, scholars have been fascinated with ancient Mayan culture and mythology. Although from inscriptions on stele and monuments, it has been deduced that they used several calendrical systems simultaneously, the calendar that is usually referred to in literature is what is known amongst Maya scholars as the Long Count , measuring long periods of time repeating cycles of 5. From the occurrence of references to dates on this cycle, scholars had been able to sketch the general contours of this Long Count calendar, but what was missing was a key to enable a correlation between this system and our own Gregorian calendar, so that the dates could be interpreted in familiar terms.

Instrumental in establishing this correlation was the collaborative efforts of early Mayanists Joseph T. Goodman and Juan M. Eight years later, he further specified the date to the 13th of August BCE. Correlating the Long Count to the Gregorian calendar in this way, taking into account the length of the cycle it measures, implies that the end-date commonly referred to as In , influential Maya scholar J. This correlation of the Mayan Long Count and the Gregorian calendar has gone into history as the GMT correlation, referring to the researchers who established it.

In his article on the phenomenon, Robert Sitler summarizes the relevance of in the time keeping systems of the Maya of the Classic Period as follows:. It is important to point out that this so-called Great Cycle was only a minor component in far larger chronological periods that theoretically extend infinitely backwards and forwards in time within a system of exponentially increasing temporal cycles that have no final beginning or ending points [55]. This passage points to one the major problems with the methodology of most theorists concerned with the Mayan Long Count.

The problem has to do with the interpretation given to the archaeological data that is available; although the year had been established as a likely candidate as an end-date for the Long Count as early as , the archaeological findings that we do possess are inconclusive when it comes to the question of interpreting the possible significance the Classic Maya ascribed to this shift of cycles. Simply put: we do not know exactly what these ancient astronomers expected to happen when one of their temporal cycles reached its end-point because specific knowledge of their culture and religious imaginations is simply lacking.

What is Kobo Super Points?

Did they consider it to be the end in any absolute sense, or simply a shift to a new revolution of an endless temporal cycle? As we have seen the year was discovered to have an important place in at least one of the Mayan calendars as early as , but this seemed to go largely unnoticed outside the world of Maya scholarship. Moreover, traditional scholars have not been able to make any definite statements on the possible significance of this date for the Maya themselves. In the introduction he provides us with some valuable insights into the influences on his subsequent work, leading up to his most important publication, The Mayan Factor Describing his disillusionment with traditional academia, he informs us that he abandoned university life to.

Visions of Earth Beyond by Ruth Magan - Read Online

It was a world characterized by war, civil riots, seething unrest, and electronic culture gone mad, the strange enchantment of drugs, of occult murmurings, of sciences and literatures never touched upon in the classroom. Through a total letting-go and immersion in this other world, I finally began to see.

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We are already changing, mutating, whirling around the center, at the very least, of an apocalypse of consciousness. To pass through the center of this apocalypse is to embark on a new stage of growth. Once the test of personal and historical catharsis is met, true individuation becomes possible[58]. Thompson who as you will remember established the final correlation of the Long Count with the Gregorian calendar in as early as [65].

As the year A. The final five-year period, A.