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In both cases, impeachment began as a partisan affair — Democrats investigating Nixon, Republicans pursuing Clinton. Most Americans initially opposed removing either president from office. Yet public opinion shifted very slowly. Within days, Republican leaders told Nixon that he had lost the support of his own party, and he quit. Most GOP lawmakers remain solidly behind Trump. A few say the evidence that Trump abused his office for personal gain is serious enough to investigate, a position short of the all-out defense Trump would like. For now, impeachment is only a Democratic cause.

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During Watergate, Republican politicians edged away from Nixon as damning new evidence of his guilt emerged. The intelligence office alleged that Trump blocked congressionally approved military aid to Ukraine to back up his demand for dirt on Democratic presidential candidate Joe Biden and his son Hunter, who had worked for an energy company in Kyiv. Gerald R. Military support for Ukraine against Russia has strong bipartisan support in Congress.

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If the House investigations find that Trump delayed badly needed weapons to bully Ukraine into meddling in a U. The irony is that the strongest evidence against Trump, at least so far, is his own words during a July 25 phone call with Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky.

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Final lesson: Impeachment proceedings are long, painful and ugly. But eventually a resolution comes. In , Ford invited the House Democratic leader who had spearheaded impeachment, Rep. Thomas P. Their view: Will Trump win again, or find a way to lose? September 29, The day after he was amazingly nominated as the Republican candidate for president, he repeated his hallucinations about Republican Sen. On the day he was inaugurated president, he had his press secretary insist to reporters he had the biggest inaugural crowd ever.

Not close, even when protestors were counted and narcissism outpaced math. Then, after two years of a pretentious, partisan, deceptive, phony, finally dismissed investigation of his allegedly colluding with Russia to win the election, he got on the phone with the president of Ukraine to make it sound to some that he was colluding on the election.

Summoning her holy tone of voice, House Speaker Nancy Pelosi announced that impeachment inquiries would soon be underway. Trump had committed a crime, some were mistakenly saying, though in a sense he had. He was once more being himself. He told the Ukrainian president, Volodymyr Zelenskiy, he would like a corruption investigation of Joe Biden as vice president threatening to keep a billion dollars in U.

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And if Trump could trot out a well-proven father-son connivance, or even just Joe looking out for family money, this could very well aid his campaign against Joe to the tune of four more years. A copy of the conversation shows no such thing, although Trump did delay deliverance of military aid, including Javelin missiles capable of taking out Russian tanks and transgressing the aversion to weaponry in the Obama days.

Trump gave a couple of questionable reasons for the delay that did come to a quick end. An investigation of this matter might be warranted. But not impeachment inquiries and the kind of Democratic, teeth-baring ferocity that erases reasonable, responsible governmental efforts to fix serious problems.

The Mueller years were scandalous and disruptive and should not be repeated. But what we are already seeing, for instance, is abuse of a whistleblower law in which the whistleblower is mainly transmitting gossip. A purpose of the law was to keep bureaucrats from illegally taking classified information to the media, and yet this kind of leaking seems already to be telling us much of what we know.

And, look, it also hurts when no one gets it that executive privilege is worth respect. Privacy on the phone and elsewhere is crucial for a president do what he has to do. Naturally enough, Democratic presidential candidates are cheering all of this on because, no matter what, these proceedings may further dirty the Trump name to the point they can feel better about their extreme, absurd, totalitarian, unaffordable programs having a chance to ruin America. Even in areas where he is scary, such as the national debt, the Democrats are worse. If he escapes impeachment and wins re-election, he may still find a way to lose, but the American people could still be much better off.

Their view: In a season of fundraisers, this one is our favorite September 28, If you are at all involved with local nonprofits — you know that the fall season is one heavy with events. If you ask anyone who has ever attended our event, they will tell you that the absolute highpoint of the evening is when our Arline Phillips Achievement Award winner takes the stage. The award is given to an individual who is blind or visually impaired and exemplifies the independence that we so strongly try to instill in all of our clients.

Obviously Kristen has never let her visual impairment stand in her way, graduating from Lake-Lehman my alma-mater! Most remarkably, in her junior year, she studied abroad in Florence, Italy, where she paraglided off of the Swiss Alps! That alone gave her my vote as our award recipient this year.

We will be lucky to have the Banks Family in attendance again this year, as well, recognizing the true spirit of giving that continues to this day from Ginger Banks and The Joseph B. Banks Foundation. Our history is a long one with Ginger Banks, and we look forward to giving her and her family the recognition they deserve. The same goes for Community Bank, N. You can join us to celebrate another great year and all of these amazing recipients! Tickets and sponsorships are still available get more information by calling me or Amy at Hope to see you there!

She contributes a monthly column to the Times Leader. Their view: Recognizing the important work of teachers September 28, It has been 38 years since I graduated from Lake-Lehman High School and, while I know I am not a kid anymore according to my knees and back, not my wife , it is really hard to believe that so much time has gone by.

For me, it was a wonderful moment to step back in time. Beyond the building, though, what really gave me a great feeling of nostalgia and a genuine sense of gratitude were the memorable thoughts of the coaches, teachers and principals I had so many years ago. Those adults were a significant influence in my life and I appreciate them even more today than I did nearly four decades ago. Most of us, I would hope, can look back on our youth and point to a favorite teacher, coach, or another adult who, in addition to our parents, really impacted our lives. For me, while I can only remember some of my high school classes and subject material, I will never forget the relationships I had with adults who recognized whatever potential I might have had and pushed me to achieve.

That is what good educators do.

Pragmemes and Theories of Language Use

At the United Way of Wyoming Valley, we believe education is one of the key building blocks to a better life and a pathway out of generational poverty. Given the growth of poverty in the Wyoming Valley and all the changes in society over the past 38 years, the teaching profession is much harder today than it was when I was in school. If a child is confronted with poverty, hunger, homelessness, violence, substance abuse, or other significant problems in their home or family, the spelling quiz on Friday, the math test on Monday, or the English paper due on Thursday mean very little to the child who is fighting for survival every day.

The United Way is working to reduce the barriers to a good education. Over the past five years, we have developed a number of programs in partnership with school districts throughout the Wyoming Valley to address the effects of childhood poverty and improve the odds of success for children. Today, the United Way work has a presence in at least 25 local school buildings at the elementary, middle and high school levels.

As a result, we spend a lot of time with administrators, teachers, school nurses and guidance counselors.

love, n.1 : Oxford English Dictionary

These professionals truly care and recognize that a good education can be transformative. If they do not come to us from strong, healthy, functioning families, it makes our job even more important. The educators I know and those we work closely with at the United Way, embrace the importance of their work and understand the influence they can have on children. So as the new school year begins and before another year quickly passes, I would really like to thank all those educators who have influenced my life.

I am grateful to them and I am grateful to all those who are currently teaching and trying to positively influence the children of our community. You are changing lives. He can be reached at ext. On Aug. The words were being spoken by President Richard Nixon and his chief of staff, H. Haldeman, just days after the Watergate burglary, back in June Nixon was plotting the phony Watergate cover-up that he had been assuring his fellow Republicans he knew nothing about. He had taped all his meetings to secure his place in history; now it was about to do just that.